FIB Internal Components

IP1 IP2 diagram

Ion Pump 1 (IP1) and Ion Pump 2 (IP2)

The upper portion of the column containing the ion gun is maintained at a higher vacuum than the specimen chamber to eliminate contaminants and oxides near the gun tip. Normal vacuum values are 3x10-6 Pa for IP1 and 1.5x10-5 for IP2.

LMIS diagram

Ga+ Liquid Metal Ion Source (LMIS)

The LMIS for the FIB is a tungsten needle that is connected to a gallium reservoir. The tungsten tip, coated with molten Ga, deposits Ga+ ions onto the specimen's surface when a sufficient voltage potential is introduced across the tip and anode.

Condenser lens diagram

Condenser Lens

Located below the ion gun, this lens works in two modes, M0 and M1. M0 mode indicates that the condenser lens is off, lowering beam current. M0 settings are normally used for imaging. The M1 mode indicates that the condenser lens is turned on and is used for milling activities.

Aligner stigmator diagram


The aligner/stigmator allows both aligning the ion beam with the optical axis and the correction of the ion beam shape for astigmatism.

Main deflector diagram

Main Deflector

These coils have electrostatic properties, which allow manipulation of the ion beam.

Objective lens diagram

Objective Lens

The objective lens concentrates and focuses the ion beam onto the specimen surface.

Specimen chamber diagram

Specimen Chamber

The specimen chamber is the enclosed area under vacuum and beneath the ion column where the specimen is located. The normal vacuum value is 5x10-2 Pa. This chamber encloses the specimen stage.

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