All EOF users must review the general approach to ACMAL training.

ACMAL Training

EOF Training

Coursework Training

Affiliated courses are generally restricted to students at the graduate level.

Students are advised to take the SEM lecture/lab course. Successful completion of the SEM course/lab authorizes users on the FEI XL-40 ESEM. Once you successfully pass the practical exam, you may receive the Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM, Hitachi FB-2000A FIB training given by ACMAL staff.

Training opportunities will be offered several times each year—consult your advisor or EOF staff for the next scheduled course.

One-on-One Training

Situations may arise where a student needs facility access before the next course is offered. Depending on availability, the EOF staff can train you.

Training is at least six hours in total, over the course of one to three days. During this time you will be trained on a test specimen; however, you may bring your own specimens to look at if time permits. At the end of your training session you will take a 45-minute practical exam. This tests your ability to perform the basic functions of specimen exchange, imaging, and EDS. You are permitted to use your notes and the Operators Manual (if relevant) on the practical exam.

Staff time will be charged to a research account at the current wages. The availability of last minute, one-on-one engineer training is not guaranteed.

Informal Training

ACMAL is pleased to offer online training modules, which we refer to as ACMAL eTraining. Informal training DOES NOT take the place of formal training required for authorized use.

Here are the best uses for the ACMAL eTraining modules:

  • As a supplement to formal training
  • For reference while using the instruments
  • As a refresher for lapsed usage

Check each instrument page for related training modules.