Prepare samples by coating, drying, etching, milling, polishing, and sectioning.

Specimen Preparation

Leica CPD 030 Critical Point Dryer

The Leica CPD 030 Critical Point Dryer is a critical point drying device for biological and industrial samples.

It uses Integrated Vapor Compression Refrigeration System with low CO2 consumption. It is a top-loading system that provides visibility of the immersed specimen from above and below. The dryer has a gas flow measuring device and a magnetic stirrer for mixing of transitional fluids.

This instrument can be reserved for use.

Additional Specimen Preparation Equipment


  • Denton DV-502A carbon evaporator for applying thin carbon films on SEM samples
  • Cressington 208HR high resolution sputter coater with thin film monitor
  • Coating types are carbon and platinum-palladium (specify the thickness).


  • Anatech Hummer 6 converted to plasma and DC etching


  • JEOL IB-19500CP low angle, low energy ion mill for SEM and TEM sample preparation. This instrument can be reserved for use.


  • SouthBay Technology MS501B Twinl Jet electropolisher for preparation of TEM foils
  • Allied High Tech Products MultiPrep polishing system


  • Leica Ultracut UCT ultramicrotome for room temperature sectioning for TEM analysis with the FCS cryo attachment for low temperature sectioning
  • SouthBay Technology Model 850 Abrasive Slurry Saw