NCAA CHOICES Grant Purpose and Objectives

Purpose:  Initiate an informed, university-wide supported, and consistent conversation (#MTUStepsUP) that creates an athlete driven campaign where making legal, healthy, appropriate, and safe choices about alcohol become the socially-accepted norm.




  • Connect alcohol awareness to understanding about the effects of drinking to performance and overall health
  • Turn Commitment into institutional investments and actions
  • Transform athlete confidence into role modeling

How will this be done?

  • Compliance Meetings (coaches and individual teams)
  • Email
  • SAAC Meetings and Focus Groups
  • Coaches give SAAC representative space and time to report out from SAAC Meetings
  • Social Media
  • Event Promotion at athletic events
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Posters
  • Professional Speakers
  • Collaborating and informing university partners, such as the President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness

Your role:

  • Ask questions
  • Stay Involved
  • Keep the conversation going (#MTUstepsUP)

What has been done already?

  • Student athletes have attended the APPLE conference at the University of Virginia