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Undergraduate Internship

The Center is excited to offer an undergraduate internship opportunity through a partnership with the Psychology department. Interns will have the ability to earn course credit while gaining knowledge and experience. We offer a unique ability for students to design components of their internship that would further their professional interests in mental health & well-being while still providing structured opportunities for experience. 

counseling internship or practicum

Clinical Graduate Internship

The Center has a long history of providing graduate students, in a counseling related field, the opportunity to gain hands-on counseling experience with the college-aged population. Clinical graduate interns will have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with staff clinicians while they gain experience through one-on-one and group counseling. 

health and well-being ambassador

Health and Well-being Ambassadors

The Center is dedicated to advancing health and wellness at the university with the help of Health and Well-being Ambassadors. These students are a vital part of the Center's team and are committed to advancing the goals and values of the university and the Center through outreach and mental health and well-being advocacy. 

green bandana project

The Green Bandana Project

Are you interested in helping to reduce stigma around mental health and help seeking behavior? If so, you have the opportunity to join the Green Bandana Project movement, a quiet show of solidarity and support for those struggle with mental health. Students can take the pledge to be a mental health advocate by attaching a green bananda to their backpacks. 

well-being advocates at a table

The Well-being Advocates

The Well-being Advocates are a Michigan Tech student organization affiliated with the Center. This organization works to elevate conversations about well-being and general health amongst the general Michigan Tech student body. Advocates host events over the semester that support their mission. The advocates are always welcome to new potential members. 

PAWS progrom logo

Peer Awareness For Well-being & Support (P.A.W.S.)

P.A.W.S. is a newly-adopted program that will equip Michigan Tech students with the knowledge and tools to effectively recognize the signs of a mental health crisis, give appropriate and supportive aid, and confidently refer a peer that is struggling to professional mental health resources. The six week long program seeks to involve students from multiple backgrounds and experiences that are natural, key peer supporters on campus and want to help to bring a higher level of mental health awareness and advocacy to the Michigan Tech community.