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The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being developed the Be Well Initiative alongside MTU students to support holistic well-being through 4 aspects of a healthy lifestyle: connect well, recharge well, live well, and play well. 

Be Well is designed to help students reflect on and support their personal well-being. Everyone's idyllic well-being is unique and different, so Be Well is designed to be a hands-on or as hands-off approach. 

Visit our YouTube page to learn more details about the Be Well initiative! 

Be Well Self-Care Plan

Be Well Plan

Making a plan is an essential part of supporting your well-being. We encourage students to make a Be Well plan that considers each of the four facets, and how they can maintain those strategies into the future. We encourage students to take some time to develop and foster a Be Well Plan on their own. We know it can be a challenge to come up with ideas, so we have included some potential strategies that could be incorporated. 

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Partner With Us

We love to partner with different groups and organizations across campus to promote the Be Well initiative. You'll notice that all of our on-campus programming falls into one of the four categories, or more! If you are interested in promotional materials or would like to learn more about how to incorporate Be Well into an event contact us at

    Connect Well

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   Recharge Well

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Live Well

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Play Well

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Find your people

  • Build your support network 
  • Find enjoyment through social interaction
  • Have fulfilling social interactions with others, both in-person and virtually
  • Create deep friendships
  • Practice vulnerability by being open and honest with others 
  • Give back to others by supporting them

Make time to rest and reflect

  • Practice optimal sleeping habits 

  • Make time for spiritual practices

  • Reflect on past, current, and future experiences and how they impact your life

  • Engage in self-care through meditation, prayer, reading, counseling, etc. 

  • Learn to be mindful and present in daily life

  • Create a self-care plan

Learn and shape the life you want

  • Take on leadership roles and build your leadership skills

  • Give back to your community through philanthropy, mentorship, & volunteering

  • Use your voice to stand up for others 

  • Hone your life skills #adulting

  • Practice & improve learning strategies and study skills

  • Shape your future by setting career goals

  • Experience community by participating in Tech Traditions and other campus events

Care for your physical self

  • Be active and move your body

  • Practice preventative health care 

  • Maintain and improve physical fitness 

  • Assess and improve diet and nutrition

  • Make healthy choices related to alcohol and other drugs

  • Take a positive and respectful approach to sex

  • Check out Experience Tech to see how other students "Play Well" at MTU.