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Let’s Talk is a program that provides easy access to free, informal, and confidential individual consultations with a Michigan Tech counselor to all currently enrolled Michigan Tech undergraduate and graduate students. Students can meet with a counselor to have a brief conversation about specific mental health questions or concerns.

The counselor facilitating the Let's Talk Program is there to listen to a specific concern, provide support, help explore solutions and give information about available appropriate resources. If you are unsure if Let's Talk is the option for you, look at what is and is not a good fit for this program. 

Let's Talk is not a substitute for formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Additionally, Let's Talk is not designed to provide emergency or crisis support. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, please contact emergency and crisis support at 1-877-376-7896.

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When to Use Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a good fit for:

  • Students who are not sure about therapy and wonder what it’s like to talk with a therapist
  • Students who are not interested in therapy but would like the perspective of a counselor
  • Students who have a concern about a friend and want some thoughts about what to do
  • Students who would like more information on what mental health and well-being services that Michigan Tech offers

Let's Talk is not a good fit for:

  • Students experiencing current thoughts of wanting to hurt themselves or someone else
  • Students with concerns for their safety
  • Students experiencing a mental health crisis (please contact crisis and emergencies support at 1-877-376-7896 for support)



  • Let’s Talk is an informal consultation only. Let’s Talk is not counseling.
  • Let’s Talk conversations are not part of students’ releasable records.
  • Although Let's Talk consultants are mental health professionals, Let's Talk consultations do not constitute mental health treatment.
  • Limits to confidentiality - When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, Let's Talk counselors are required by law to report this. When a minor, elderly person, or someone otherwise incapacitated is being abused, Let's Talk consultants are also required by law to report this.
  • If your Let's Talk consultant assesses that you could benefit from a higher level of care, every effort will be made to refer you to other appropriate resources at the university and surrounding community

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Request Meeting

Drop-in, confidential zoom sessions are available to students on request. For more information, contact Sarah Woodruff, CRC, LPC smwoodru@mtu.edu.