Be Well

Be Well

The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being developed the Be Well Initiative to support holistic well-being through 4 aspects of a healthy lifestyle: connect well, recharge well, live well, and play well. Think of Be Well as the "how-to" for Husky Well-being!

Connect Well

Connect Well: Find your people

  • Build your support network 
  • Find enjoyment through social interaction
  • Have fulfilling social interactions with others, both in-person and virtually
  • Create deep friendships
  • Practice vulnerability by being open and honest with others 
  • Give back to others by supporting them

Recharge Well New

Recharge Well: Make time to rest and reflect

  • Practice optimal sleeping habits 
  • Make time for spiritual practices
  • Reflect on past, current, and future experiences and how they impact your life
  • Engage in self-care through meditation, prayer, reading, counseling, etc. 
  • Learn to be mindful and present in daily life
  • Create a self-care plan

Live Well

Live Well: Learn and shape the life you want

  • Take on leadership roles and build your leadership skills
  • Give back to your community through philanthropy, mentorship, & volunteering
  • Use your voice to stand up for others 
  • Hone your life skills #adulting
  • Practice & improve learning strategies and study skills
  • Shape your future by setting career goals
  • Experience community by participating in Tech Traditions and other campus events

Play Well New

Play Well: Care for your physical self

  • Be active and move your body
  • Practice preventative health care 
  • Maintain and improve physical fitness 
  • Assess and improve diet and nutrition
  • Make healthy choices related to alcohol and other drugs
  • Take a positive and respectful approach to sex

Making A Plan

As a young adult you may be looking to better support your personal well-being independently. Just like with anything else, it is beneficial to have a plan in place in order to best track your goals. We encourage students to take some time to develop and foster a Be Well Plan. Additionally, it is helpful to think about some strategies for developing your personal plan. 

Either Individually Or As An Organization/Group