Space Coordinators

Space Coordinator's role:

As a Space Coordinator, your role is to enter and maintain accurate space data for your assigned area.

Why your role is important:

Your role plays a crucial part in calculating facility and administrative (F&A) rates, space usage, and providing data for internal and external audits.

Space Coordinator View Menu in ASPIRE:

  • Department Rooms Overview - shows all of the rooms you are a Space Coordinator of. These rooms should be reviewed quarterly to ensure they are up-to-date.
  • Department Index Overview - shows all of your index information. When a new index is added to your department, you will receive an email notification from ASPIRE asking you to assign that index to a room where the activity of that index is taking place.
  • Department People Directory - shows all of the people in your department along with what room they are assigned to. When an employee is added to your department, you will receive an email notification from ASPIRE asking you to assign them in a room. When an employee leaves Michigan Tech, they will automatically be removed from ASPIRE.

Error Reports

As well as keeping the space in your area updated in ASPIRE, there are five reports that a Space Coordinator should run, found under the Space Coordinator View menu, called:

  1. Space Code Errors
  2. Space Data Errors
  3. Space Index Errors
  4. Research/Instruction Space Errors
  5. Other Sponsored Activity Errors

These error reports are run automatically on a quarterly basis (January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15) and emailed directly to you. You can also run the error reports on your own. Visit ASPIRE Error Reports for more information on how to run these reports.

New to ASPIRE?

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ASPIRE Training:

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