Equipment Coordinator

Equipment Coordinator's role:

As an Equipment Coordinator, your role is to maintain accurate equipment data for your assigned area. The equipment data in ASPIRE is fed through by Banner.

Why your role is important:

Your role plays a crucial part in equipment inventory, and providing data for internal and external audits.

How to look up equipment in Perceptive Content:

To look up equipment photos and related documents, follow the instructions for accessing the Perceptive Content.

Equipment Changes or Inaccuracies:

All equipment room changes should be submitted to the Property and Plant Fund Accounting Office. These changes may include: equipment that has been moved to a different location, equipment that has been disposed of, or new equipment that has been placed in a room.

Any inaccuracies should be reported to the Property and Plant Office.

New to ASPIRE?

To access the ASPIRE application, you will need to access to General inquiry to space (building and room) information and access to Perceptive Content. Visit Non-Space Coordinator Access for more specific information on requesting access, and download the required access forms at Banner Access and Support: Financial Information.

Equipment Training:

To request training, email the Property and Plant Office