Program Codes

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Program Codes Functional Category for Space Inventory

Instruction (INST)

221-224 Other Sponsored Activity (OSA)

Other Institutional Activity (OIA)

231 Library (LIB)
232 Other Institutional Activity (OIA)
233 Department Administration (DA)
236 Department Administration (DA)
238 Department Administration (DA)
239 Instruction (INST)
241-259 Student Administrative Services (SAS)


General Administration (GA)
267-271 General Administration (GA)
273 Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
276-277 General Administration (GA)
278-279 Other Institutional Activity (OIA)
280 General Administration (GA)
281 Operations & Maintenance (OM)
288 General Administration (GA)
291-293 Other Institutional Activity (OIA)
294 Operations & Maintenance (OM)
301-307 Other Institutional Activity (OIA)
311 General Administration (GA)
321-325 Operations & Maintenance (OM)
327 Operations & Maintenance (OM)
331-332 Excluded (do not assign)
402-450 Other Institutional Activity (OIA)

Based on color code of index:

  Gold are Organized Research (OR)

  Tan are Department Research (DR)

  Green are Other Institutional Activities (OIA)

  Blue are Other Sponsored Activities (OSA)

Notes -

  • If the program code is 224 and the department is 38900 - Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, the functional category is Other Institutional Activities (OIA)
  • If the Departments are 20120 - Pavlis Honors College or 30100 - Center for Educational Outreach, the functional category is General Administration (GA)
  • If the department code is 28009 - Graduate School, the functional category is General Administration (GA)
  • MTRI index D96361 and KRC index D96316 are Departmental Administration (DA)
  • KRC index D96318 is Operations & Maintenance (OM)