Primary Rooms Explained

This defines and explains the 'Primary Room' concept that is used in the ASPIRE system. It should be useful to Space Coordinators as they manage room occupants within their department. These rooms may be used for the Michigan Tech Employee Directory, so it will be important that occupants with multiple rooms have their primary room defined correctly.

The following concepts should be understood:

  • A primary room is defined as the room where an employee does most of their work.
  • If an employee has only one room in which they work, it is their primary room. 
  • Rooms with multiple occupants (more than 1) are indicated in ASPIRE with a plus sign (+) to the right of the room number.

The following procedures handle various room situations/changes:

  • Adding a secondary room (or multiple rooms) for an employee:
    • If the new room is NOT the primary room, just click the room number link and add the occupant to the new secondary room.
    • If the new room is the primary room, add the occupant and click the occupant link to indicate the new room as the primary. Click a radio button followed by the gold Update button.
  • Changing an employee from having multiple rooms to a single room:
    • Delete their secondary room(s), leaving just the primary room or
    • Change their primary room first (from the occupant name link) and then delete the secondary room(s).
  • Changing the Primary room for a multiple room occupant who will remain a multiple room occupant:
    • Click on the occupant name link and change the primary room using the radio buttons and the update button, then delete or add any secondary rooms, if necessary.