Welcome to ASPIRE!

What does ASPIRE stand for?

Accounting for Space, People, Indexes, Research, and Equipment

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is Michigan Tech's Space Management and Space Inventory tool, as well as a financial reporting for indexes and research. ASPIRE can also be used for equipment tracking

Why is ASPIRE important?

ASPIRE is important for space management audits, facility and administration (F&A) rate calculations, capital outlay, classroom scheduling, and space usage. It also provides an easy way to access expenditure information, conduct research projections, and see what equipment is in each room across campus.

How do I access and log into ASPIRE?

The first step is to review the Access, Instructions and Training website to request access to ASPIRE. Since ASPIRE is a web based tool that reads banner data, it is important that you have Banner access to the various Banner modules. Without the proper Banner access, you will not be able to access a majority of the information in ASPIRE. 

Access ASPIRE application or from the mtu.edu homepage - click on the "A to Z" in the Rubik's on the upper right corner of the homepage. From there, browse through the alphabetical list and click on ASPIRE. You will need to log using your ISO username and password. 

Where can I find help?

Please email aspirehelp-l@mtu.edu