ASPIRE to Perceptive Content Equipment Look Up Instructions

Below are the instructions for pulling up the Perceptive Content equipment photos and related documents based on the room information in ASPIRE. Results are dependent on whether images of tagged equipment have been sent to the Property Office and loaded into Perceptive Content.

To access the equipment photos and purchase order information in Perceptive Content:

  1. Users must have separate access to Perceptive Content. Equipment coordinators can request access to the Perceptive Content Equipment Photos through Financial Services and Operations. Download the Finance Access Request Form, and under the heading "Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Access" type "equipment coordinator" on the "Other" line. 
  2. ASPIRE must be open in Internet Explorer (unfortunately, other browsers will not work with the Perceptive Content application).
  3. ASPIRE must be open to the "Room Information" page. The equipment information is pulled up by the location.
    1. You can get to the "Room Information" page in ASPIRE many different ways. Here is one way:
      1. On the ASPIRE MAIN MENU page, under the "Equipment" drop down menu, choose "Equipment by Department".
      2. Choose a department and select Submit
      3. On the "Equipment by Department" page, choose a room number.
      4. The next screen should say "Room Information" in the heading. This is the correct screen to pull up the information in Perceptive Content.
  4. Open Perceptive Content and click on the drop down arrow next to Applications
  5. If the building number is 0-99, choose the Perceptive Content Application Plan: ASPIRE-Equip-bldgs < 100. If the building number is 100 or greater, choose the Perceptive Content Application Plan: ASPIRE-Equip-bldgs >99.
  6. Double click on the desired item in the list to open the pictures in the Perceptive Content viewer. If there is only one item in the list, the viewer will automatically open the images(s).
  7. Perceptive Content's related document feature will also allow you to view the asset's PO and/or invoice (assuming they exist in the Perceptive Content system). In Perceptive Content Viewer window (with an Equipment Photo open), under View, choose Related Documents. Then in the Related Documents drop down, choose Eq Photo to Invoice or Eq Photo to PO to locate the invoice or PO.


note - Perceptive Content was previously known as ImageNow.