Space Error Reports

As a Space Coordinator, your role is to ensure your rooms have no errors. There are five Oracle Error Reports that will assist you with ensuring your rooms have accurate data. These Error Reports are run automatically on a quarterly basis (January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15) and emailed directly to the Space Coordinator. Error Reports can also be run anytime on your own.

Error Reports

There are five different Error Reports in ASPIRE. Each Error Report must be run and corrections made, if needed.

As a Space Coordinator, you must review each Error Report and make the necessary corrections to fix the error(s). 

Error Report Instructions

To run the Error Reports:

  • log in to ASPIRE using your ISO username and password
  • depending on your access, you could have a different landing page
    • If you land on the "Main Menu", click "Coord Views"
  • from the Space Coordinator Menu (Coord Views) click on the error report type that you wish to run 
  • enter your Banner 8 username and password
  • click "Submit" at the top of the page (you do not need to change any of the parameters)

Each Error Report will provide you with the building and room number along with a description summary of the error. The error message describes what the error is and has an action plan with suggestions on how to correct the error. The Error Reports will be blank if you have no errors or will say "no records retrieved". After you make the correction, rerun the Error Report to ensure the error was corrected and is no longer showing up.  

Email if you have any questions or help deciphering the errors.


Note - Although most of the reported errors are currently identified as FATAL, oftentimes they are really only WARNINGS. Each error usually has a story behind it. If the error is explainable, then you do not need to keep trying to fix it.