Research Projection Reports

Research Projection Reports can be run by using the "Research" menu found on the ASPIRE main menu.  From this menu, choose "Projection Report."

Available Reports:


Report Sections

There are three main sections to each of the reports listed above.

  1. Awarded - These are sponsored projects that have been awarded and have been entered into Banner by Sponsored Programs Accounting.  Projections are based on the current available balance of the project, the remaining life of the project, and monthly weighting factors.
  2. Proposals In Progress - These are projects that have been proposed to sponsors, but have not yet been awarded or declined.  Projections are based on prior success rates, proposed start/end dates, and anticipated award amounts.
  3. Anticipated Awards - These are projects that are incrementally funded.  The anticipated awards section displays the remaining balance of the incremental funding.

Note - 

  • The projected spending rates are a calculated rate from Sponsored Programs and are re-calculated each fiscal year.  The weights used can be found at the top of each report.
  • Success stats for pending proposals are calculated by Sponsored Programs on a yearly basis and are updated accordingly.  These success stats are calculated based on the dollar amount of the proposal requests, and departmental history.
  • Based on your ASPIRE access you might not have access to all of the Research Projections Reports.