Industrial Heritage and Archaeology Program Support


Our faculty have expertise in examining industrial artifacts, histories, and landscapes and conducting research in support of heritage decisions at the community scale. They help students develop the research skills they need to examine the evidence and help communities integrate valued aspects of their industrial past into planning and development decisions. Doing becomes important as communities change the architecture, structures, stories, artifacts, and lessons of a thriving industrial past gradually disappear. We have both MS and PhD programs in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology.


Giving Needs

Artifact from an archaeological site

Industrial Heritage and Archaeology Fund

Supports the operations of the graduate programs in industrial heritage and archaeology through student scholarships and the purchase of equipment and services crucial to student research and scholarships.

Researcher cleans an artifact with a brush

Pat and Susan Martin Archaeology Lab Assistant Fund

Provides support for a laboratory assistant who keeps the archaeology lab in operating order and maintains records and process artifacts associated with research projects.

Project Funding

You can make a contribution in support of any current project through the general Industrial Heritage and Archaeology Fund. The following projects are long-term efforts that rely on donations to continue.

Students examine artifacts from Cliff Mine

Cliff Mine

Supports archaeological and heritage research at the site of the Cliff Mine in Keweenaw County, Michigan, and related historical and industrial sites in the region.

Researcher holds a large piece of pottery

Utah Pottery Project

Supports research into the immigrant potters of Utah who lived in the Mormon Domain during the 19th century. The project examines the potters and their families, work, products, and contributions to the history of Utah.