General Pre-Health

Ready to Enter the Professional Healthcare Field But Unsure of What Major to Pursue?

The General Pre-Health Professions program is for you. Get the advantage of time to explore the many options available at Michigan Tech without delaying graduation or losing money pursuing a major that isn't right for you. Get the 1:1 guidance you need with your pre-health advisor. Be better prepared to make a more informed choice on your major.

Two classes (BL 1590 and SA 1000) help you explore majors at Michigan Tech, understand yourself better, and prepare for health professional programs. Personalized advising helps you find the academic major that best suits your interests, talents and values. 

Enroll in the General Pre-Health Professions program and invest in your future.

Recommended First Year Schedules

The schedule listed below is a recommendation, not a requirement. The schedule can also be individually tailored for students based on their goals and whether they came in with any transfer credits. For example, if a student was considering an engineering major, we would incorporate classes to help them meet this goal. Ultimately, this recommended schedule will help students be on track to meet the common requirements for graduate health programs as well as be on track for the minor in Pre-Health Professions. Students will then declare an academic major and transition to this degree by their second year at the latest. If a student is able to decide on a major earlier on, they could transition to this academic program before the second semester. 

Non-Engineering Fall Semester (16 credits)

Non-Engineering Spring Semester (15 credits)

Engineering Fall Semester (16 credits)

Engineering Spring Semester (18 credits)