Physics, Secondary Education—BA, BS

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If you’re ready to share your knowledge and love of physics with tomorrow’s learners and problem solvers, then a physics degree from Michigan Technological University—combined with a concentration in secondary education—will set you up for success.

With an ever-increasing demand for students who excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, the need for teachers who can elucidate these complex content areas has never been greater.

Through your specialized studies in physics at Michigan Tech, you will be able to concurrently complete additional course work in preparation for secondary-education teacher certification in the state of Michigan. You will also earn a required minor in biology, chemistry, computer science, Earth science, economics, English, integrated science, mathematics, or social studies, allowing you to teach in more than one subject area.

BA Versus BS

As a future teacher, you know that not every student thinks the same. In the university setting, this means providing our students with as many options as possible for obtaining their degree. Now, you can earn either a BA or a BS in Physics with a concentration in secondary education.

Students opting to study the BS track will take more physics requirements than BA students, serving to solidify their understanding of complex concepts. BA students have more flexibility in scheduling so that they may further enhance their teaching skills or expertise by exploring other fields more deeply.

The BA option, which offers more free electives, allows students to smoothly transfer into physics from other University disciplines—granting more options to those who identify their calling to become a teacher partway into their college career.