Teaching Labs

The physics department offers students many teaching laboratories, where classroom theories are put into practice through real-world experiments and simulations. From electricity and magnetism to optics and lasers, our labs feature cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Our commitment to hands-on learning ensures that students’ in-lab experiences will be enriching, helping to cement each learner's understanding of lecture topics.

Not only do students benefit academically from our teaching labs, but they also provide physics-department majors with employment opportunities. Upper-class undergraduate students, and all levels of graduate students, frequently work as lab teaching assistants, providing both wallet and résumé padding, as well as a deeper understanding of fundamental physics principles.

Teaching Labs

Fisher Hall Physics Labs



Optics Lab (Fall Term) B003 Jacek Borysow
Electronics Lab (Spring Semester) B003 Brian Suits
Physics Teaching Lab B024 Wil Slough
PH1111/1161 Lab B023 Wil Slough
PH1100 Lab B020 Wil Slough
PH1200 Lab 229 Wil Slough

Enterprise Lab

Nanotech Innovations Enterprise B006 John Jaszczak