Applied Physics—BS

Accelerate your Physics Knowledge

Are you fascinated by physics, but don’t foresee yourself strictly pursuing a laboratory position? Do you gravitate toward a career in industry or engineering that will allow you to apply physical principles to the development of innovative solutions? A Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from Michigan Technological University will provide you with the educational momentum you need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

In addition to completing a series of courses to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of physics, you will also choose a customized application area, like biophysics, alternative energy, or entrepreneurship.

Hands-On Learning: Our Hallmark

Our students learn best by doing, which is why we emphasize challenging lab work and rewarding research. Starting with your first semester at Michigan Tech, you will work in the lab to deepen your understanding of physical properties. Through honors-level first-year courses, you will quickly familiarize yourself with our cutting-edge labs and our faculty’s research.