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A Michigan Tech degree in physics is as unique as our location. Physics faculty know students’ names, given our low student-to-faculty ratio (6:1). Our department excels in providing undergraduates a solid background in the principles of physics with practical expertise in both physics and applied physics. Undergraduates gain research experience in our technologically-advanced labs and research centers. Honors courses are available for physics majors, and students have flexibility in crafting individualized programs of study tailored to their strengths and interests.

Student taking a measurement from a scale.

Physics—BS, BA

Discover how our world works— from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. Physics degree students explore the physical properties behind the behavior of our universe. Typically, physics BS degree-seeking students are preparing for graduate studies in the field. Whereas students pursuing the physics BA option, often plan to use their degree in law, medicine, or business.

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Applied Physics—BS

Apply physical principles to develop solutions. Deepen your understanding of physics fundamentals and choose a customized area that suits your interests. The flexibility of this degree allows students to blaze their own path based on a select core of courses in an appealing application area. Applied physics students typically go on to graduate studies in physics and/or work in materials science, energy, aerospace, chemical and environmental industries, or at national labs. 

"My time at Michigan Tech was a great experience for me.  I gained many practical skills — both from the classroom material and college life — and met some amazing people.  Professors were supportive and genuinely cared about your success. The lounge provided a great place for me and my peers to work together on studying and homework, and research opportunities were always easily accessible. "Daniel Koshar, '22, BS Physics

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Researchers give an overview of the environmental optics, quantum optics, and cloud chamber laboratories. 

Future Applications

An undergraduate degree in physics can be excellent preparation for a career or graduate work in a variety of fields–from geology and law school to banking or medicine. Michigan Tech students can even expedite their graduate degree by enrolling in the Accelerated Master's Program and work toward a master's degree at the same time as their bachelor's.

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