Photonics/Quantum Optics

Microscopic view of proton filaments

Researchers at Michigan Tech have worked to identify the rest mass of neutrinos, and are using lasers to analyze patients breath samples with hopes of detecting medical ailments such as ulcers and cancers. Work at the intersection of microscopic scale and electromagnetic energy on projects that have sweeping societal applications and scientific implications. Take a closer look at the interaction of light and matter, and study novel physical phenomena that arise from these relations.

Research in integrated photonics centers on the use of magneto-optic and electro-optic materials; focused on the development and fabrication of magnetic photonic crystals. Michigan Tech researchers not only search for applications in telecommunications, quantum cryptography, photon entanglement, data processing, and quantum computing—but are also in pursuit of new knowledge for curiosity’s sake.


Faculty Areas of Interest
Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy
Nonlinear effects in optical nanowires; Optical solitons in soft-matter; Parity-time symmetry in optics; QED effects inside photonic structures
Photonics; Nonreciprocal Phenomena
Light-matter interactions and quantum optics on nanoscale platforms (i.e. nanostructures); Coherent and nonlinear processes in metal or semiconductor nanocavities; Time-resolved laser spectroscopy and nanofabrications


Atomic and Molecular Laser Spectroscopy

Fisher B031a,b,c
Researcher: Jacek Borysow

Integrated Magneto-Photonics

Fisher B005c
Researcher: Miguel Levy

Quantum Optics

Fisher B010/012
Researcher: Jae Yong Suh

Positions Available


All faculty members accept undergraduate student researchers into their labs. For more information, please contact Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs) are open to all Tech undergraduates who have at least one semester remaining after the summer.


The Department of Physics seeks qualified applicants in all areas of physics for GRA and GTA positions. For more information, please contact the graduate program directors.