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Online Security and Privacy in Healthcare Certificate

Health data security.
With an online certificate in security and privacy in healthcare, graduates can exercise their skills for hospitals, clinics, private practices, security firms, corporations, government units, and insurance companies.

Safety and Security Required

The health care industry relies on technology and its connection to the internet. Disrupted systems, intentionally or accidentally, can jeopardize patient safety, privacy, and health outcomes, leading to rising health care costs. Protecting patient data, stored or in transit, is critical. Health care security professionals can use their knowledge of medical compliance; interoperability; and security and privacy concepts, methods, and tools to:

  • identify applicable regulations, compliance frameworks, and privacy policies to protect information security
  • understand the disparate nature of sensitive data and storage and handling implications
  • acquire, preserve, investigate, and recover data and digital devices
  • develop and implement of safeguards to protect sensitive information

Careers in this area protect the security and privacy of health care information. Hospitals, clinics, private practices, security firms, corporations, government units, and insurance companies hire individuals with these skills.

Advance Your Healthcare Security and Privacy Career

Enhance your health care security and privacy career by opening new job opportunities with an advanced certificate. Commit to growing your knowledge and becoming an expert. Employers recognize advanced training—a graduate certificate may qualify you for leadership opportunities, project management responsibilities, or the chance to work on more complicated or sophisticated projects. Stand out by graduating from the #2 public university where grads make six figures (Money Magazine).

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