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Continuing Education

Online Certificates

Stay competitive. Online certificates at Michigan Tech change careers for the better. Delve deeper into your current field, layer on new skills, or shift to a new field. We have a broad range of online programs to choose from.

Graduate Certificates

Employers recognize the benefits of continuing education. Earning your online graduate certificate is the perfect way to up your skills and advance your career at your current job or a new one.

Wind and solar power.

Advanced Electric Power Engineering

Fill the shortage of engineering talent in the US electrical energy industry. It needs highly trained staff qualified to handle research and development, and application of new technology.

Our 15-credit advanced electric power engineering graduate certificate provides advanced knowledge in the operation and design of electric power systems. Designed in consultation with electric utilities, it addresses continuing education—and industry—needs. To pursue this degree you must have a degree in electrical engineering or a closely related field.

Student looking at engine.

Automotive Systems and Controls

Go beyond powertrains. Look at total vehicle systems, from chassis to human interface. Deepen your systems integration knowledge, including requirements, design, technical, safety, and economic analysis for mobility systems. Enhance your interdisciplinary skills to approach complex systems effectively.

Our 15-credit automotive systems and controls graduate certificate teaches you to develop and apply engineering design, analysis, and controls to a complex system, incorporating numerous embedded systems controlling a dynamic system.

Students discussing vehicle data.

Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering

Be ready to advance in the automotive industry with a program focused on design, calibration, and operating characteristics of electric-drive and hybrid-drive vehicles.

Our 15-credit hybrid electric drive vehicle engineering graduate certificate is based on a distance-learning course Michigan Tech developed with General Motors and AVL—and it was selected by the Michigan Academy of Green Mobility for training automotive engineers, with curriculum development and a mobile lab funded by the US Department of Energy. The interdisciplinary program was also designed with input from Argonne National Laboratory and industry partners: MAGMA, General Motors, Eaton, Horiba, MathWorks, Schweitzer Engineering Labs, and Woodward.

Autonomous car.

Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems

Focus on cyber-safety and security aspects of autonomous vehicles and other systems. Understand the cyber-safety and security issues for vehicles and interconnected systems, analyze and synthesize safe and secure cyber-physical systems, and effectively work at the intersection of cybersecurity and safety of autonomous systems.

Our 15-credit safety and security of autonomous cyber-physical systems graduate certificate provides modern cyber-safety and security analysis engineering principles to autonomous vehicles and a variety of systems involving onboard control networks, advanced automation, and collaborative vehicle and machine collectives.

Post-Degree Undergraduate Certificates

Michigan Tech offers two online undergraduate post-degree certificates for undergraduate students who are US citizens, permanent residents, or currently in the country on a valid visa. You must have a bachelor's degree, and the desire to explore a disciplinary or interdisciplinary subfield.

Student reviewing data.

Electric Power Engineering

Earn course credit at your convenience in our online electric power engineering certificate program. It's a great option for professionals, with an emphasis on power systems, renewable energy, and power electronics. Online courses are taught by a panel of faculty experts focused on energy systems.

The 13-credit post-degree undergraduate certificate covers the fundamentals of electric power systems. All courses are offered online, except for a one-credit lab. The lab is offered once a year to online students as one-week intensive.

Employer Education Benefits

Continuing and professional education makes companies better. Many recognize the benefits, and support their employees who want to increase skills and knowledge. You might be able to have your online degree, certificate, or courses partially—or fully—paid for by your employer. There are different ways to cover costs:

  • tuition reimbursement
  • tuition assistance
  • employer-sponsored scholarships
  • professional development funds

Check today with your employer's human resources or benefits office to find out what's available. And check out our program cost information for more ways to pay for your online education.