National and Homeland Security

MTRI develops and applies novel concepts in sensing, signal processing, machine learning, AI, and autonomy for solutions to challenging national and homeland security problems, using our extensive expertise and experience in remote sensing system design, development and exploitation, and emerging thrusts in AI and autonomous system applications.



Radar image that is blue with some red areas.

Compressive Sensing Waveform Studies for Enhanced RADAR Performance (WARP)

We are developing a theoretical framework that allows us to define optimal collection strategies for imaging from RADAR networks, harnessing the potential of compressive sensing to introduce a new paradigm in RADAR image formation.

RADAR equipment on a blue sled.

Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR)

We offer state-of-the-art capabilities in subsurface (ice/soil) RADAR measurements in man-portable, multi-static, FM-CW testbed systems.

Map of a route with colored areas showing normalized difference in means.

Intrusion Detection

We show the feasibility of a single insertion point system to monitor intrusions in a secured building through our work in intrusion detection.

Experiment set-up.

Nano-tubule Antennas for Optical Synthetic Aperture Systems

We apply nanotubule optical detection technologies for optical ISR systems sensitive to complex field not intensity, arrays with readout becoming commercially available, and to fabricate passive, synthetic aperture imaging systems.

Radar network block diagram.

Optimization of RADAR Waveforms—WARP

We design waveforms for semi-cooperative, distributed RADAR systems.