Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) is recognized as a leader in the research, development, and practical application of sensor and information technology. 

A research center of Michigan Technological University based in southeast Michigan, MTRI is an innovator in building information from data through the marriage of phenomenological understanding and implementation of mathematically rigorous algorithms. Together with University and other national and international collaborators, MTRI researchers and scientists work to solve critical problems in national security, protecting and evaluating critical infrastructure, bioinformatics, Earth sciences, and environmental processes.

From community outreach to those who share our commitment to future-forward research, MTRI seeks to provide educational programs, technical expertise, and data and information tools to the public, partners, and other participants to promote awareness to improve ecological and economic health. 

"The synergism within the University that was created with the advent of MTRI has exceeded our expectations. The technical and organizational fit couldn't have been better. We've established a research footprint that the University can be proud of, and we've laid the basis for future growth."Nikola Subotic, MTRI Co-director

MTRI Scientists working on an arctic sensing project and holding a Michigan Tech banner near Barrow, AK