Mathematical Sciences faculty and students participate in a number conferences:

2017 Kliakhandler Conference on Bayesian Inference in Statistics and Statistical Genetics

The 2017 Kliakhandler Conference is intended to stimulate research collaboration in the development, analysis, and application of statistical techniques for complex, high-dimensional data arising in real world applications.

2016 IMA Graduate Student Conference: Finite Element Methods for
Eigenvalue Problems

The program aims to mix leading researchers and local faculty in computational mathematics together to infuse graduate students with the fundamentals of finite element methods and cutting-edge PDE and matrix eigenvalue problems.

2016 Kliakhandler: International Conference on Computational Math. and Inverse Problems

The International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Inverse Problems intends to bring leading researchers to discuss the recent developments on numerical analysis, scientific computing, and inverse problems. The topics of the conference include finite element methods for eigenvalue problems, finite element methods for Maxwell's equation, computational inverse problems, inverse scattering problems. The conference seeks to build collaboration among the participants, in particular, the young researchers within five years of graduation.

2015 Kliakhandler: Algebraic Combinatorics and Applications

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers and students interested in algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial designs, finite geometry, graphs, and their applications to communications, classical and quantum error-correcting codes, cryptography, information security, and other related areas, in order to promote new linkages and collaborations.