Mathematical Sciences

Prepare for Your Assessment

The ALEKS assessment is designed to determine what you know. We want you to start in the math course that best fits your skill level, while keeping you on track to complete your degree. Being placed in a class that is below your skill level could delay your time to graduation and result in unnecessary tuition.

Use our wizard to see if you need to take ALEKS.

Know What Score is Needed

View the recommended first math course for your major and see the ALEKS column to know what score you need for placement.

Don't Wait

We can't stress this enough. Take your assessment on or near May 1 to maximize your study time in order to make improvements. 

Remember that each assessment takes about 90 minutes (or up to two hours) and three hours of study time are required between assessments. All in all, it may take 10.5 hours to achieve the score you need—or longer.

Plan to Take ALEKS Two or Three Times

Consider your first assessment to be a diagnostic of where you are with your current mathematical knowledge. It is common not to score high enough initially.

Refresh your skills through a Prep and Learning Module for a minimum of three hours to build your skills and confidence—you could see a big jump in your score.

Use the Prep and Learning Modules

New Prep and Learning Modules unlock after each assessment. These are valuable resources designed to help you study and improve your score before June 30.

You must spend a minimum of three hours using these modules before you can retake ALEKS—so plan accordingly. It is important to take the review materials seriously to improve your assessment score.

Be Honest About Your Skill Level

There is no benefit to cheating on the placement assessment—you will only be placed in a class that is too difficult for your current level of mathematical knowledge. Academic integrity and honesty are central components of a Michigan Tech education. View our academic integrity policy.