Understanding Math Placement

Your math class is a prerequisite for many other courses that are required for your degree. For most majors at Michigan Tech, it is ideal to start in calculus.

Starting in a math course that is below your recommended first math course means you may increase your time to graduate to a minimum of 10 semesters (five years). Taking ALEKS—and taking it seriously—can save you time and additional tuition.

More About ALEKS

The online ALEKS Placement Assessment covers material from basic math through precalculus. Your ALEKS score determines what your first math course will be.

  • The assessment package includes an initial assessment, unlimited use of the Prep and Learning Module, and up to two additional assessments for the fee of $25 plus tax ($26.50 total).
  • If you do not reach the score for your recommended first math class, you must use the Prep and Learning Module for three hours before taking another assessment. Targeted Prep and Learning Modules help you to learn the material to improve your score.
  • The highest placement score you’ve earned by June 30 will determine your math placement.

Desktop flowchart. Start as Early as May 1, finish before June 30. Assessment 1, 90 minutes = Did you recommend a place in your recommended course? (Yes - Done, No - Plus 3 hours prep and learning); Assessment 2, 90 minutes = Did you place in your recommended course? (Yes - Done, No - 3 hours prep and learning); Assessment 3, 90 minutes = Placement complete. Can take up to 10.5 hours - Plan Accordingly!