Mathematical Sciences

Math Placement

Your math class is a prerequisite for many other courses that are required for your degree. For most majors at Michigan Tech, it is ideal to start in calculus.

The online ALEKS Placement Assessment covers materials from basic math through precalculus and is designed to identify which math class you are best suited to start in.

Wondering if you need to take ALEKS?

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Do I Need to Take ALEKS?

Taking ALEKS—and taking it seriously—can save you time and additional tuition. The highest placement score you’ve earned by June 30 will determine your math placement.

There is a non-refundable fee of $25 plus tax ($26.50 total) to take the online ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. See the Taking ALEKS page for more details.

Understanding Math Placement

Recommended First Math Course

Preparing for Your Assessment