Seminars and Conferences

Mathematical Sciences faculty and students participate in a number conferences and seminars:


Dr. Enkeleida Lushi, New Jersey Institute of Technology- "Micro-Swimmers Moving in Complex Confinement" - 12/03/2021

Dr. Heyrim Cho, University of California Riverside- "Mathematical Approaches to Deal with Limited Temporal DAta in Clinical Applications" - 11/19/2021

Dr. Yanxiang Zhao, George Washington University- "Supervised Optimal Transport" - 11/12/2021

Dr. Sanghyun Lee, Florida State University- "Physics Preserving Enriched Galerkin Methods" - 10/22/2021

Dr. Xuexia Wang, University of North Texas- "A Powerful Gene Based Association Test Using GWAS Summary Data" - 10/08/2021

Dr. Jue Yan, Iowa State University- "Cell-Average Based Neural Network Method for Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations" - 10/06/2021

Dr. Xiaoyu Liang, University of Tennesse Health Science Center- " A Monocyte Epigenetic Clock Reveals Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Biological Aging in Three Independent Cohorts" - 10/06/2021

Dr. Zhimin Zhang, Wayne State University- "How Well Can We Hear The Shape of a Drum By Computer Algorithms?" - 10/01/2021

Dr. Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University- "Stability of time Discretizations for Semi-Discrete High Order Schemes for Time-Dependent PDEs" - 09/24/2021

Dr. Ray Hung, FDA- "Mathematical Modeling in Drug Development" - 09/10/2021 & 09/17/2021