Seminars and Conferences

Mathematical Sciences faculty and students participate in a number conferences and seminars:


Dr. Andrew V. Sills, Georgia Southern University- "q-Analogs and Polynomial Generalizations of Series-to-Infinite Product Identities" - 11/10/2023

Dr. Toby Driscoll, University of Delaware- "Data-Driven Modeling and Simulation of the Human Tear Film" - 10/27/2023

Dr. Guosheng Fu, Notre Dame University- "Finite elements meet optimal transport on a Schrodinger bridge" - 10/17/2023

Dr. XiangXiong Zhang, Purdue University- "Recent Progress on Q^k Spectral Element Method: Accuracy, Monotonicity and Applications" - 10/13/2023

Dr. David Colton, University of Delaware- "Eigenvalue Problems in Scattering Theory" - Kliakhandler - 10/06/2023

Dr. David Colton, University of Delaware- "Inverse Problems in Applied Mathematics" Kliakhandler - 10/06/2023

Dr. TongTong Li, Dartmouth College- "A structurally informed data assimilation approach for discontinuous state variables" - 10/02/2023

Dr. Zhiqiang Cai, Purdue University- "Neural Nets and Numerical PDEs" - 09/29/2023

Dr. Juntao Huang, Texas Tech University- "Structure-preserving moment models for the radiative transport and free surface flows" - 09/22/2023

Dr. Juntao Huang, Texas Tech University- "Adaptive multiresolutions sparse grid DG: algorithms and its open source C++ package" - 04/21/2023

Dr. Gaurav Dhar, Michigan Tech Research Institute- "Optimal control for sampled-data and networked systems" - 04/05/2023

Dr. Sinil Chebolu, Illinois State University- "Zero-sum free sequences and Hyperplane Arrangements" - 03/30/2023

Dr. Andrew Sills, Georgia Southern University- "Partition Bijections" - 03/15/2023

Dr. Andrew Sills, Georgia Southern University- "Rogers-Ramanujan Type Identities" - 03/14/2023


Dr. Guannan Zhang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory- "Anonlocal Gradient for High-Dimensional Black-Box Optimization in Scientific Applications" - 11/11/2022

Dr. Shuaho Cao, University of Missouri-Kansas City- "Transformer x Finite Element Methods" - 11/04/2022

Dr. Matthew "Jake" Roberts, Institute for Defense Analysis- "Peak Matching for Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) - 10/28/2022

Dr. Lin Mu, University of Georgia- "Pressure Robust Scheme for Incompressible Flow" - 10/07/2022

Dr. Jie Shen, Purdue University- "Efficient Structure Preserving Schemes for Complex Nonlinear Systems" - 09/23/2022

Dr. Haomin Zhou, Georgia Institute of Technology- "Inverse Weak Adversarial Networks (iWAN): A computational Method for High-dimensional Inverse Problems" - 09/16/2022

Dr. Xiaozhe Hu, Tufts University- "Robust Preconditioners for Mixed-dimensional Problems" - 04/22/2022

Dr. Daniel Appelö, Michigan State University- "WaveHoltz: Parallel and Scalable Solution of the Helmholtz Equation via Wave Equation Iteration"  - 04/15/2022

Dr. Isaac Harris, Purdue University- "Regularization of the Factorization Method with Applications" - 04/08/2022

Dr. Guosheng Fu, University of Notre Dame- "Robust Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Incompressible Fluid Flows" - 04/01/2022

Dr. Sarah Kitchen, Michigan Technological University- "An Introduction to Quiver Representations" - 03/25/2022

Dr. Zhu Wang, University of South Carolina- "Nonlinear Surrogate Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics" - 03/18/2022

Dr. Byung-Jun Kim, Michigan Technological University- "Flexible Omnibus Test in 1: M Matched Case-crossover Study with Measurement Error in Covariate" - 03/04/2022

Dr. Yiran Wang, Emory University- "Mathematical Problems in Cosmological X-ray Tomography" - 02/25/2022

Dr. Xiao Zhang, Michigan Technological University- "Bayesian Analysis of Longitudinal Ordinal Data Using Non-Identifiable Multivariate Probit Models" - 02/18/2022

Dr. Felix Kwok, Université Laval- "Two Time-Parallel Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems Under PDE Constraints" - 02/11/2022

Dr. Jing-Mei Qiu, University of Delaware- "A Conservative Adaptive Low Rang High Order Tensor Approach for Nonlinear Vlasov Equations" - 02/04/2022


Dr. Xue Hong, University of Delaware- "An Eulerian-Lagrangian Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Wave Equations" - 12/10/2021

Dr. Enkeleida Lushi, New Jersey Institute of Technology- "Micro-Swimmers Moving in Complex Confinement" - 12/03/2021

Dr. Heyrim Cho, University of California Riverside- "Mathematical Approaches to Deal with Limited Temporal Deta in Clinical Applications" - 11/19/2021

Dr. Yanxiang Zhao, George Washington University- "Supervised Optimal Transport" - 11/12/2021

Dr. Sanghyun Lee, Florida State University- "Physics Preserving Enriched Galerkin Methods" - 10/22/2021

Dr. Xuexia Wang, University of North Texas- "A Powerful Gene Based Association Test Using GWAS Summary Data" - 10/08/2021

Dr. Jue Yan, Iowa State University- "Cell-Average Based Neural Network Method for Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations" - 10/06/2021

Dr. Xiaoyu Liang, University of Tennessee Health Science Center- " A Monocyte Epigenetic Clock Reveals Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Biological Aging in Three Independent Cohorts" - 10/06/2021

Dr. Zhimin Zhang, Wayne State University- "How Well Can We Hear The Shape of a Drum By Computer Algorithms?" - 10/01/2021

Dr. Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University- "Stability of time Discretizations for Semi-Discrete High Order Schemes for Time-Dependent PDEs" - 09/24/2021

Dr. Ray Hung, FDA- "Mathematical Modeling in Drug Development" - 09/10/2021 & 09/17/2021