Ameya Narkar and Bruce Lee.
Ameya Narkar, PhD graduate in biomedical engineering, and Bruce Lee, associate professor of biomedical engineering.

Michigan Tech faculty earn honors in 2019 for their innovation and dedication.

Bhakta Rath Research Award

The Bhakta Rath Research Award recognizes a doctoral student and their Michigan Tech faculty advisor. The pair earns the award for research that dares to be cutting edge while remaining focused on the social contribution of the work. The award was established by Bhakta B. Rath and his wife, Sushama Rath, to promote and reward excellence in scientific and engineering research at Michigan Tech.

Brue Lee portrait.

Bruce Lee

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

What we do: Engineer smart adhesives that stick and unstick based on a set of defined conditions.

Why we do it: To form temporary attachments that can be removed and reapplied without damage. No more ripping off that Band-Aid.

Ameya Narkar portrait.

Ameya Narkar

PhD Graduate, Biomedical Engineering

National Science Foundation CAREER Award

The National Science Foundation's faculty early career development (CAREER) award program supports big research ideas for new faculty.

Kuilin Zhang portrait.

Kuilin Zhang

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Affiliated Associate Professor of Computer Science

What I do: Improve automated driving decisions using real-time, predictive feedback.

Why I do it: Autonomous vehicle advances can't stop at a single car. Cars must communicate and anticipate traffic like human drivers.

Michigan Tech Research Award

The Michigan Tech Research Award recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement by a faculty member. It is based on the impact of the person's research, particularly sustained research or a noteworthy breakthrough. The Michigan Tech Research Award is symbolic of the University's high standard for research endeavors.

Zhanping You portrait.

Zhanping You

Professor of Transportation Engineering

What I do: Research roads and how best to make them with what materials for climate, sustainability, and use.

Why I do it: Roads are public projects that people depend on to be built well.


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