English Classes and Social Meetings

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International Neighbors and Community Classes

Free English Classes

The Elaine Bacon Literacy Program was started in the Houghton area in 1969 by Elaine Bacon. These wonderful classes provide free ESL tutoring. Everyone who wants to make friends, learn English, experience interesting activities should join us!

This program is focused on responding to individual needs. This is done through classes, individual tutoring, and matching interested participants with communities "conversation partners". In recent years they've also helped students prepare of TOEFL and citizenship tests based on the persons personal goals.

Please consult the Elaine Beacon Website for current information about classes and meeting places. All classes are currently being held over zoom. 

" The program was originally started to help area adults having trouble reading and writing to have a better understanding of the English language. Now the biggest demand is for English as a second language for foreign students and their families."Elaine Bacon

Social Meetings 

Canterbury House

  • 1405 E. Houghton Ave, Houghton, MI 49931
  • Contact: Rick Stanitis at 906-482-6039, or chouse@mtu.edu
  • The Canterbury House is working on ESL, companionship, and community. All COVID-19 safety protocols are followed, and this place is a safe area to gather for studying and conversation.
  • They have ESL conversation for international friends and are always looking for domestic students to assist with the ESL program.
  • Open for academic calendar hours of Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Canterbury House 

International Neighbors Meeting

  • Thursdays, 10 AM to noon, at the United Methodist Church 
  • Contact:  Donna Cole - donnafcole@gmail.com
  • Established to show friendliness to people from other cultures living in our community.

    International Neighbors