International Programs and Services

About Us

Meet prospective students in their home countries. Greet new arrivals. Prepare Study Abroad adventurers for life-changing experiences.

It's our work at International Programs and Services, and we love what we do: help students and the University succeed in the global arena. The needs are as diverse as the more than 7,000 students from 54 countries who call Michigan Tech home.

We work with undergraduate degree-seeking international students. With exchange students and scholars. We oversee English as a second language admissions. Help F-1 and J-1 visa holders understand and comply with requirements. Provide cultural and transition support to students. Support Michigan Tech academic units that partner with other international universities. And coordinate the oldest, largest, most inclusive international festival in our region.

Cassy Tefft de Munoz in ski gear, with Blizzard T. Husky

Michigan Tech has the largest international student population per capita of any university in the State of Michigan. Students drawn by academic and research opportunities stay, and excel, when they feel at home, and valued in our community. International Programs and Services at Michigan Tech provides students with resources to navigate their time here on campus, in the Keweenaw, and in the United States.

We approach our work with exacting detail, compassionate hearts, and high expectations. Whether new arrivals, or current students in our Study Abroad program, we prepare Huskies to represent Michigan Tech, and their countries with dignity, courtesy, and kindness.

We bring the international and University community together through events like Gappa. The simple act of departments having lunch with students, and hearing them talk about life in their countries, is profound. We get to know each other as real people, with real dreams and goals.

Working with students during an exciting, pivotal time in their lives fills me with passion and energy. My capable and tireless IPS colleagues feel it, too. Which is great. Because our global reach is expanding as continuously as our support for Michigan Tech's remarkable and accomplished international community. There are always new people to meet, new cultures to experience, new places to visit.

"No matter what time it is here, it's already tomorrow in Asia."