Mobile Phone Networks

Having a local US phone number will be extremely beneficial in your day-to-day life during your time at Michigan Tech for making calls, receiving important text, and using the internet when you have no wi-fi.

AT&T, Verizon, and H2O are the three best options for use in Houghton in terms of network coverage. Most international students generally prefer H2O because their plans are the most economically viable.

Before getting a new number, it is your responsibility to properly check all terms and conditions associated with it.

You can get a Sim card in three ways:

  1. Purchase from Walmart
  2. Purchase from the Verizon store or AT&T store (H2O does not have a physical store in Houghton)
  3. Order online from the Verizon website, AT&T website, or H2O website

After you get the Sim card physically, you may have to follow additional steps to have it activated. Please check with the service provider beforehand to make sure that your phone is compatible with the Sim card and/or the network you are purchasing.

For more information regarding H20, you can contact the local sales person, Jason Kovach through phone (906)370 - 9294.