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Machel Borsum

Machel Borsum

  • Manager of International Student and Scholar Services

More About Machel

  • Machel joined Michigan Technological University in 2014 and currently serves as the Manager of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
  • In her free time, Machel likes to travel, spend time with family, and enjoy the great outdoors. Over the years, Machel has become the American mom to numerous students. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on or a hug, Machel will make sure she's available.


  • Designated School Official
  • F-1 Student Advisor
  • Curricular Practical Training
  • 12 Month Optional Practical Training
  • 24 Month Optional Practical Training STEM Field Extension
  • Email -- for all OPT related needs
Mayra Morgan

Mayra Sanchez Morgan

  • Educational Programs Specialist

More About Mayra

  • Mayra was born and raised in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

    She came to Michigan Tech to pursue a PhD in the Environmental and Energy Policy program in the Social Science department and completed it in 2019.

  • As a Graduate Student, she served as a campus leader in diverse student organizations (such as the International Club, GSG, ASPEN, and NOSOTROS) and organized conferences, meetings, professional development, and cultural events.

  • Mayra works diligently to promote diversity and inclusion on campus and is committed to student success.

  • During her free time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, and socializing.


Janey Pindral

Janey Pindral

  • Staff Assistant


  •  J-Scholar Specialist 
  • F-1 Advisor
  • SEVIS Administrator
  • Designated School Official
  • Transfer Students
Kellie Raffaelli

Kellie Raffaelli

  • Associate Dean of Student Engagement
  • Director of International Programs and Services

More About Kellie

  • Kellie was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. 
  • She loves to travel and be outdoors alongside her family and enjoys camping, hiking, and kayaking.
  • Kellie is also dedicated and deeply invested in seeing students succeed, not only academically and professionally but also as human beings.


  • Primary Designated School Official
  • Student Support
  • F1 Scholar Advisor
  • SEVIS Administrator 
Jamie Sertich

Jamie Sertich

More About Jamie

  • Jamie graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2019
  • She joined the International Programs and Services Department in October 2020
  • In her free time, Jamie enjoys spending time with friends and family, and loves enjoying the beauty of the Upper Peninsula.


Student Staff

Morgan Drumm

Morgan Drumm

  • Student Staff Assistant

More about Morgan

  • Fourth-year materials science and engineering major from Marshall, MI
  • She loves binge-watching TV shows. Some of her favorites include: CSI, Criminal Minds and Survivor
  • Morgan is involved in multiple student organizations on campus like Advanced Metalworks Enterprise, MUB Board and Materials United.
Via Kumar

Via Kumar

  • Student Staff Assistant

More about Via

  • The fourth-year double majoring in management information systems and marketing from Chennai, India loves trying new food from different cultures and meeting people from different countries. If you see her on campus say Hi!
  • Via is really into TV shows. Some of her favorites are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Rec and Stranger Things.
  • She's also a Potterhead and loves to read.
Harsh Malu

Harsh M. Malu

More About Harsh

  • Fourth-year mechanical engineering major with a minor in global business from Sangli, India.  
  • He loves to cook, read, travel, jam to different music and do photography in his free time. An extrovert, he doesn't shy away from striking up a conversation with people around him. 
  • Harsh is known to often quote a lot from TV shows and movies with Friends and The Office to name a few. He is also a brother at Sigma Tau Gamma men's fraternity and often could be seen walking dogs on the campus.