Students walking on campus with the words 'Returning Student Contract Renewal' behind them.

2024-2025 Residence Hall Contract Renewal for Current Students

2024-2025 housing rates can be found on our Housing Rates webpage.

We are delighted to invite our students to join our residential Husky community for the 2024-25 academic year! 

Contract Renewal for 2024-2025 housing will work like this: 

  • The contract goes live January 29 for current first-year students and February 6 for current second year and above.
  • ALL students who have active residence hall contracts are invited to participate in the housing contract renewal process. Students who wish to live on campus next year will need to participate in Contract Renewal in order to secure on-campus housing.
  • There is no credit hour limit that will restrict renewing your contract for housing.
  • Phase One of the Contract Renewal process will close on February 23 or once we have reached capacity, whichever comes first. Only students who complete a contract during Phase One will be able to participate in the roommate and room selection phases. 
  • Please read the complete timeline below for more information regarding each phase of the process. 

Remember, a University housing contract binds you to living on campus next year. If you are receiving support through loans, grants, scholarships, parental support or other means, please discuss your housing plans with the appropriate people before you sign this University housing contract or any legally binding housing contract.

Phase One: Signing the Contract

We have reached our anticipated capacity for the 2024-2025 academic year and have closed the Contract Renewal phase at this time. 

During Phase One, guaranteeing your campus housing requires these quick two steps:

  • Log into your HuskyHouse account
  • Sign the Housing contract

At this point, your housing is secured on campus for next year. 

Current first-year students will have a one-week priority window starting on January 29, 2024. While current first-year students will be able to participate one week sooner than second year and above, they are not guaranteed housing! Starting on February 6, the Contract Renewal process will open to ALL students with active residence hall contracts. 

Remember, this phase will close on February 23, or when we reach capacity, whichever happens first. 

Phase one of the HuskyHouse Trailmap

Phase Two: Roommate Matching (January 29-February 23)

Phase two of the HuskyHouse trail map

During the contract committment process, students can select a roommate(s) or search for potential roommates starting on January 29 through February 23 once they have signed their contract. Students must be part of a roommate group in order to participate in room selection. Roommate groups must match a room’s occupancy to be selected.

Students who do not join a roommate group or cannot fill a room completely will be assigned with another student(s) who did not select a roommate. Roommates are limited to students who have a housing contract for 2024-2025. One student cannot be pulled into the process by another.

NOTE: ALL students should complete a roommate profile. This will help students identify a roommate(s). It will also help with placement in the event that you lose a roommate to co-op, transfer, etc.

Phase Three: Room Selection (February 27-March 17)

Those who participated in the Roommate Matching phase are able to participate in the Room Selection phase. The room selection period opens on February 27-March 17 and is reserved for roommate groups ONLY. Roommate groups can select a room that matches their group configuration (size/gender preferences) during this time.

Groups must fill the full capacity of a room in order to select it. Unmatched students, partial groups, and roommate groups that do not select a room will not receive an assignment until the auto-assign phase. 

In order to select a room within a specialized or learning community during Room Selection, all members of a roommate group must note their preference within their Roommate Profile. 

Phase Three of HuskyHouse trail map

Room Selection Priority

Students will be able to begin selecting a room through a tiered process based on the average number of credit hours of their roommate group as of the end of the Fall 2023 semester. Room Selection priority groups are as follows: 

  • 90+ credits: February 27 at 9 am
  • 60-89 credits: February 28 at 9 am
  • 30-59 credits: February 29 at 9 am
  • 0-29 credits: March 01 at 9 am

Phase Four: Auto-Assign Unmatched Students (July 1)

Phase four of HuskyHouse trail map

Students with an active Housing contract for 2024-25 who did not select roommates and/or rooms during the prior phases will still be guaranteed a space in campus Housing. All unassigned students with contracts will be placed in rooms through an auto-assign process by July 1. We strongly encourage all students with Housing contracts to complete their Roommate Profile to best assist us in the auto-assign process. 

All students who completed a contract will receive an assignment regardless of whether they participated in the Roommate Matching phase and will be committed to the 2024-25 housing contract.

NOTE: Student room and community preferences cannot be guaranteed

Flex Housing:

Flex Housing offers a limited term Daniell Heights apartment with a flexible agreement and is meant to cater to students who look to transition to off campus housing within the next academic year. Flex housing has students living in a more efficient residential configuration in an apartment (4 students in a 2 bedroom and 2 students in a 1 bedroom) while receiving, in turn, more flexibility in their housing and financial commitments. Features include:

  • Roommate focused. Two students would be paired in each bedroom in Daniell Heights Flex apartments and have full access to apartment amenities. 
  • Optional meal plan. 
  • Per bed contract. Students would be contracted per bed (just like the residence halls) instead of by apartment.
  • Flexible housing. Flexible month-to-month agreement allowing students who give at least 7-day notice to leave their housing at the end of each month with no penalty* or commitment.  (*-assumes no damages and keys returned)
  • Reduced financial commitment with per bed rates instead of apartment. This means if a roommate leaves, the remaining residents still pay the same rate.

    Rates for 2024-2025 will be:

    • One bedroom apartment (2 people):  $495 a person/month (pending Board of Trustees approval in February)

    • Two bedroom apartment (4 people):  $330 a person/month (pending Board of Trustees approval in February)

  • No pressure to find a new roommate. If a student leaves, the University is responsible for finding another roommate and could place someone in there at any time.

At this time, this opportunity is only available for CURRENT 2024-2025 RETURNING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS and priority will be given to rising Juniors with 40-65 credits. Students can complete the Daniell Heights Flex Housing Interest Form now. 

Students with an accommodation need to live on campus:

We recognize many students have unique needs that may require them to secure campus housing. We advise students to start talking with the necessary offices to secure a prioritization (in previous years this was known as an exemption form) to live on campus. We will consider priority applications from students in the situations listed below. We will review all situations on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Students who have an approved medical accommodation through Student Disability Services that outlines a specific need to live on campus.
  • Students who have a live-in position, such as a resident assistant or operations assistant, where their work requires them to live on campus to provide critical services.
  • Students who have a unique set of circumstances that cannot be conveniently listed here. 

Students with any of the extenuating circumstances listed above are invited to complete the 24-25 Priority Access Housing Request form. Students who are approved for priority access will be able to renew their housing contract starting as early as January 22. If you have an accommodation, we strongly encourage you to begin working with Student Disabilities Services now to ensure there are no delays to your process. It is a student’s responsibility to make sure they complete the necessary information in a timely manner to secure housing during the timelines provided.  If capacity is reached before an accommodation is granted, students will be able to sign up for the waitlist.

Returning Student Housing Frequently Asked Questions

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