Student Code of Community Conduct

The purpose of publishing conduct rules is to give students, student groups, and/or student organizations general notice of prohibited conduct. The University considers these behaviors inappropriate, as they are in opposition to the University's core values. These expectations and rules apply to all students, student groups, and/or student organizations. The University’s rules are not written with the specificity of a criminal statute. Students, student groups, and/or student organizations are responsible for choices they make about their actions and accepting the consequences of those choices. Attempts to commit acts prohibited by these rules may be sanctioned to the same extent as completed violations. Repeated or aggravated acts of prohibited conduct may result in progressively more severe sanctions.

What happens when there's a Code violation?

When violations of the Code happen, there are a number of ways the situation may be handled. We call these Conduct Pathways, which can be found in Section 4 of the Code of Conduct. Anyone can report a possible Code violation by making a written complaint to the Office of Academic and Community Conduct or by reporting a concern. The University will investigate and decide what pathway, if any, to take. Complaints of Sexual Misconduct can also be reported to the Title IX Office, the Department of Public Safety and Police Services, or the Houghton Police Department.