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Rates for housing differ between each of the residence halls and depending on what options you choose, such as meal plan and room type. Below is a list of the room and board rates for each of the living areas. Douglass Houghton Hall, McNair Hall, Wadsworth Hall, and Hillside Place residents pay an additional $15 per semester social fee that is distributed to the Inter-Residential Housing Council (IRHC) and building council for student programming.

Note: Residence Education and Housing Services continues to make assignment adjustments through the summer to try to meet as many housing preferences as possible and to make adjustments as student housing plans change. If an adjustment does occur, your housing details and student account will be adjusted promptly to reflect the update.


If you are receiving support through loans, grants, scholarships, parental support, or other means, please discuss your housing plans with the appropriate people before you sign this University housing contract or any legally binding housing contract. A University housing contract cannot be used as a “back up plan” in case you do not find other housing off campus instead.

Residence Hall Rates

Daniell Heights Rates