The exterior of Daniell Heights apartments at Michigan Tech

Due to high demand, the Daniell Heights Apartments offers are currently only being made to students on the Daniell Heights waitlist. If you are interested in obtaining housing in Daniell Heights, please sign up for our waitlist. Please be aware that being on the waitlist is not a guarantee that you will receive an apartment offer. 

Daniell Heights Apartments

Welcome to Daniell Heights Apartments!

With their close proximity to campus, apartment-style living and affordability, Daniell Heights Apartments are a popular choice for Michigan Tech student housing. Designed for resource and energy efficiency, it is one of the first LEED Gold Certified student residences in Michigan. Recent renovations were completed in 2019, providing residents with a updated and modern living experience. 

Located in the 1800, 1900, 2000, and 2100 blocks of Woodmar Drive, Daniell Heights provides one, two, and three bedroom apartments to students at Michigan Tech. Each unit is complete with kitchen, private bathroom, bedroom(s) and living room. Utilities such as cable, internet, heat, refuse, sewer, and electricity are included in your monthly rent.  Laundry rooms are located within each building for common use. Residents also have access to a shared Community Room conveniently located in upper Daniell Heights. University shuttles are provided for student transportation within the local Houghton and Hancock area free of charge. 

Students can apply to Daniell Heights regular apartments at any time via the Daniell Heights waitlist, but must be 21 years or older to hold a contract. 

Aerial image of the Daniell Heights apartments on MTU campus.

Types of Apartments 

Apartment Furnishings

The apartments in Daniell Heights are semi-furnished.  Adding your additional furniture to the provided furnishings will help you make your apartment your home.  New contract holders may expect to find in each bedroom: one bed, one desk, one chair, and one set of drawers.  One bedroom apartments also have a couch, an end table and stools for countertop dining. Two bedroom apartments also have a couch, a soft chair, an end table, and a table with chairs for dining.

Tenant Additions and Removal

Contract holders are allowed to add tenants to their apartments.  To add or remove a cotenant, please use this form. The Graduate Student Government recommends contract holders and tenants create an agreement so that clear expectations are created. A Roommate Agreement Template along with other helpful tips for adding or removing cotenants can be found on the GSG website. 

Meal Plan

Students residing in Daniell Heights have typically had several years on campus to adjust to academic life and have largely transitioned to independent living. Daniell Heights residents are NOT required to select a meal plan, but can select from any of the residential or Top Dog meal plans if desired.

Optional Top Dog Express Meal Plans are available for Daniell Heights residents to purchase on the MyMichiganTech portal. If you are interested in exploring your on-campus meal plan options, please visit our Residential Dining page. 

Parking and Shuttle Services

Parking is available for a fee on Woodmar Drive.  Every vehicle parked on-campus is required to have a parking permit.  Please contact Transportation Services located in the Administration Building Room 100 for more information.

No car? No problem! Shuttle services are also available for students living in Daniell Heights free of charge during the fall and spring semesters. The shuttle provides access around campus and shopping locations in the local Houghton and Hancock areas. To easily access shuttle services and routes, Michigan Tech has partnered with TripShot, which can be downloaded by following the Sign Up for TripShot tutorial.

Mailbox Keys and Package Lockers

Each apartment is provided with one mail box key assigned to the contract holder. Keys are provided at time of check-in and must be returned to Housing Services during check-out. Any lost or unreturned apartment or mailbox keys at time of check-out from your apartment will result in a fee assigned to the contract holder.

Daniell Heights residents who receive large or oversized packages can pick up their packages at the package lockers, which are located just below the Daniell Heights mailboxes. Residents who receive packages will be provided with a key in their mailboxes, which they can use to unlock the package locker that matches the number found on the key. Keys to open the package lockers are one-time use and will remain in the lock after the student retrieves their package. Please follow the steps in the tutorial video to retrieve your large or oversized packages. 


Storage units are available to contract holders in Daniell Heights for a fee and are available within many of the apartment buildings. Please contact if you wish to arrange for a storage unit.

Definitions of Daniell Heights

Flex Housing

The Graduate Flex Housing program provides students who are comfortable with more efficient living in Daniell Heights and, in turn, would receive greater flexibility in their housing arrangements. The goal of the program is to provide flexibility to students who plan to live off campus within the next year so they are able to search the region for housing opportunities when they come available.

Flex Housing is designed to Graduate Flex Housing for 2024-2025 is ONLY available for new, first-time, first-year graduate students as identified by the Graduate School. Current/returning graduate students are not eligible for this offer OR to be considered as a roommate.
Capacity for Flex Housing during the 2024-2025 academic year has been reached at this time. Additional information and waitlist/sign-up instructions will be emailed to eligible graduate students in July 2024.

Please keep in mind that Flex Housing contracts are month-to-month agreements that are non-renewable after June 30, 2025. Here are the details of the program:

  • Roommate focused 
    • Two students are paired in each bedroom of a Daniell Heights Flex Housing apartment and have full access to apartment amenities. 
  • Optional meal plan.  
  • Per-bed contract
    •  Students will be contracted per bed (just like the residence halls) instead of by apartment.
  • No pressure to find a new roommate 
    • If a student leaves, the University is responsible for finding another roommate and could place someone in there at any time.
  • Flexible housing 
    • The flexible, month-to-month contract allows students who give at least a 7-day notice to our department to leave their Flex Housing space at the end of any month with no penalty* or further commitment. (*assumes no damages AND keys returned)
  • Reduced financial commitment 
    • Since rent for Flex Housing is billed per bed, rather than by apartment, the remaining residents still pay the same rent rate if one (or more) roommate(s) depart.
Roommate focused. Optional meal plan. Per-bed contract. No pressure to find a new roommate. Flexible housing. Reduced financial commitment.