Safety and Security

MTU public safety officer smiling while sitting with students

Should an emergency occur, the University will communicate via the Safety First Alert system. For more information on University emergency policies in the case of a crisis, please read Michigan Tech's Guide to Emergency Procedures.

Safety and security are important issues within the residence hall community. We work hard to provide a secure environment for residents while minimizing inconveniences. Each resident must be aware of and abide by safety and security regulations to protect him or herself and others.

Residence Hall Access

All entrances to the residence halls are locked from 12am to 7am Residents may use their ID/access card to enter their hall at anytime. Phones are available at the main entrances to accommodate residents who forget their ID and for guests who arrive during the locked hours.

Emergency Phones

Campus emergency phones are located on poles encased in a yellow box with a Blue light overhead, and other emergency phones have just a small blue light overhead. Push the red button on the panel inside and you will be connected to Public Safety.

Tip Line

Michigan Tech has a designated tip line to report items of concern. Anyone at Michigan Tech may call 906-487-0TIP (906-487-0847) or submit the tipline form. All reports may be made anonymously. More information can be found at the Michigan Tech Tipline page.