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Residence Education and Housing Services does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, genetic information, marital status, disability, or veteran status in the assignment of on campus housing.

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Our Educational Priority

At Michigan Tech Residence Education and Housing Services, we believe that what you learn in the classroom is just one aspect of your complete college experience. Whether you are in the classroom or in the residence halls, learning is everywhere! Within our on-campus housing, Huskies are able to build community, undergo challenges and celebrate successes together. College requires persistence, determination and dedication to reach graduation. It also requires a solid foundation of support from fellow students, staff and faculty! The on-campus residential community provides a structured and well-researched curriculum designed to support our Huskies as they reach their educational goals and beyond.

Through various initiatives, students are encouraged to expand their horizons, cultivate essential life skills, and develop a strong sense of self. By participating in extracurricular activities, leadership programs, and community service, students are provided with opportunities to enhance their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

On-campus living provides access to support services, such as leadership opportunities, mental health support, mentorship and comradery. Students grow as individuals and as a community to become conscientious and resilient members of society.

Residential Living steps for success based off of year 1-4
Our four-year housing plan is designed to transition you smoothly from the security of your first-year dorm to the independence of off-campus life.

Our First Year Huskies

Michigan Technological University requires all first year students to live on campus so that they receive the maximum benefit from our Residence Education support services.

As a university, we are committed to providing all students with a comprehensive educational experience. Living on-campus allows students to be part of a community and make strong connections with other students, staff and faculty. Students will be able to immerse themselves in the complete college experience, with easily accessible on-campus support services, as they transition to college life.

Wadsworth Hall exterior

Wadsworth Hall is our largest residence hall on campus, with approximately 1,050 beds available for assignment. It offers traditional and suite-style double occupancy rooms.

Wadsworth Hall standard double dorm room

Wadsworth Hall, double occupancy room

Wadsworth Dining Hall

All three residence halls have a dining hall, filled with a variety of different food options. 

McNair Hall exterior

With stunning views of the Keweenaw Waterway, McNair Hall offers 650 beds available for assignment. This hall offers a mix of double and triple occupancy rooms.

McNair Hall standard double dorm room

McNair Hall, double occupancy room

McNair Hall sauna

Saunas are available for student use in each of the three residence halls.

Douglass Houghton Hall exterior

Douglass Houghton Hall, our smallest residence hall, has about 360 beds available in the three-story structure. It includes primarily double-occupancy rooms but also has a small number of quadruple-occupancy and single occupancy.

Douglass Houghton Hall dorm room

Douglass Houghton Hall, double occupancy room

Douglass Houghton Hall kitchenette

Kitchenettes are available for student use in each of the residence halls.

Quad Core Facility on campus

Quad Core Fitness Center memberships are an optional amenity available to on-campus residents.

Students on campus

Our Common Language


We live in a world of constant connection, and support from others gives us the security we need to succeed. Building community requires that all members commit to individual and communal growth. They navigate interactions based on an understanding of values and identities which leads to innovation. Members value different lived experiences, communicate openly, and actively include everyone.


People encounter big and small challenges every day. Resilience requires prioritizing well-being so you stay motivated and move toward your goals. Resilient individuals take charge of their own lives and advocate for their needs.