Pavlis Honors College

URIP Student Application Process

There are four parts to the URIP application, two of which you will complete.

Student Application Form (submitted by student)

Please have your project title and mentor contact information available before completing the URIP application. You will also be asked to write a brief statement regarding your interest in engaging in research. 

Project Description (submitted by student)

The most important part of the URIP application is the Project Description, which you should develop in collaboration with your faculty mentor. In the description, you should:

  • Provide a motivation for your project. Show how it fits into a broader context as well as how it is different from what others have done.
  • Describe what you will do. Be specific enough that someone, who is not necessarily an expert in your particular subfield, can make an informed judgment as to the feasibility and potential impact of what you are proposing.
  • Describe how you will do it.

The Project Description is limited to 2 pages (12 point font minimum) and is submitted as a separate document in pdf format. This gives you the flexibility to include charts, pictures, graphs, equations, tables, etc . . . You may use an extra page for references if needed.

This Project Description is identical in format to the SURF Project Description. For tips relevant to this application, click here.

Faculty Mentor Letter of Support (submitted by faculty mentor)

Ask your faculty mentor to send a letter of support for the application. In the letter, please ask your mentor to address the following:

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the student?
  2. Why do you think the student is likely to succeed in the project?
  3. Where does the student's project fit into your overall research program?

Match Funding Acknowledgement (submitted by faculty mentor)

The Pavlis Honors College provides half of the $1600 award, and faculty mentors are expected to match this amount. Please ask your faculty mentor to provide a statement via email indicating the source (index number) and amount of the funding match. If the match is outside of the sole control of the mentor, please ask your mentor to also provide confirmation of the match via email.

The Project Description, Faculty Mentor Letter of Support and Match Funding Acknowledgement should be emailed to