Pavlis Honors College

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, in order to be guaranteed a spot in HON2150 for Spring 2019, you must apply by Nov. 25.

Who Can Apply:

All students are eligible to apply after their first semester on campus. It is preferred that you have at least 2.5 - 3 years (5 - 6 semesters) remaining on campus after the semester during which you apply in order to complete the elements of our Honors Pathways. If you have less time remaining to graduation, but are passionate about your educational goals, please make an appointment to discuss your interests and accomplishments with a Pavlis Honors College advisor.

There is no GPA requirement for application, only your commitment and motivation to achieving your goals and strengthening your Pavlis Honors Abilities. To apply, you should be able to share your vision for incorporating this into your education.

How to Apply:

There is one single application process for all of the experiential pathways within the Pavlis Honors College. In the application, you select which pathway(s) that are of interest to you. The first required seminar course (HON2150) will help you decide which pathway you will pursue moving forward. Below are the detailed steps necessary to apply to the Pavlis Honors Pathway Program.

  1. We recommend that interested students stop by the Pavlis Honors College Collaboration Space (722 M&M - top floor overlooking the canal) on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9-11 am for open advising hours or by appointment ( to speak with an Honors advisor before applying.
  2. Create and fully complete a Seelio E-Portfolio Profile. You must fully complete the Header and Basic Information, including uploading your current resume. If you'd like to view examples of current Pavlis student profiles visit the Seelio member gallery.
  3. Create an original work in the form of a video that helps us understand why you have chosen to apply to the Pavlis Honors Pathway Program. Your video may consist of your own edited footage, a video recording of a PowerPoint, a video recording of a Google Slides presentation, an autoplay Prezi presentation, or even an essay that you read aloud on video. You will upload your video to the application form. Your video should be approximately 2 minutes in length. Please note that Prezi does not have an export to video feature, so you will need to use screen recording software to create a video. Examples of past application videos can be found by perusing our Seelio member gallery. Your original work should be:
    • Creative, reflecting you as an individual
    • Clear, articulating your personal goals and vision
    • Connected to your pathway and its importance 
  4. Fill out this application form, which includes one essay question related to our Pavlis Honors Abilities, a list of competencies that every Pavlis Honors College student is expected to graduate with. The essay question is: Which Pavlis Honors Ability do you believe will be most challenging for you, and why? What are some initial ideas you have about how to push yourself to grow in this area?  Please prepare your response in a Word or similar document and have it ready to copy and paste into the application form. Your response should be 500-1000 words in length. If you are a pre-admission student, you are not required to complete this part of the application.
  5. Have a reference (somebody who is familiar with you as an individual and can comment on your capacity to participate successfully in the Pavlis Honors College) complete a recommendation form. Excellent references include faculty, advisors, supervisors or high school teachers or counselors. If you are a pre-admission student, you are not required to complete this part of the application.