Pavlis Honors College

Prospective students often ask us why they should join the Pavlis Honors College. We asked our current students and alumni.

Pavlis Student Testimonials

Josh Jay

"I chose to be part of the Honors College primarily because of the people. Pavlis students want to learn because they are hungry for knowledge, not just to build a resume and land a good job."

- Josh Jay, New Venture, UIF

Maya Geiselhart

"My one goal as an undergraduate at Tech is to experience as much as I can while in college. I feel like Pavlis is my best option for that."

- Maya Geiselhart, Enhanced Enterprise Experience

Amanda Moya

"With Pavlis, you’ll experience things you’ve never even thought of before, grow as a person, and meet some of the best people at this university."

- Amanda Moya, Global Leadership

Randy Wilharm

"The Pavlis Honors College pushed me that extra step beyond my classwork to clarify and work to achieve my goals as an independent person. Because of this, I felt more confident and prepared to enter the world after college."

- Randy Wilharm ‘17, Research Scholars, Graduate student at University of Minnesota 

Brooke Breen

"I hope that being part of the Pavlis Honors College will increase my emotional intelligence and help make me a better person for the future."

- Brooke Breen, Community EngagementPeace Corps Prep

Shelby Marter

"We’re not just here to stand out from the crowd, we’re here to motivate the crowd to do something."

- Shelby Marter ‘17, Global Leadership, Customer Support and Technical Writer at Handshake-Stryder Corp.

Adam Augustyniak

"The Pavlis Honors College nicely compliments my engineering education. Through reflection, I have been able to determine what I want and do not want to do with my career."

- Adam Augustyniak, Enhanced Enterprise Experience  

Kemin Fena

"Beyond academics, college is about the journey. The skills and experiences you gain along the way will shape your college adventure and beyond."

- Kemin Fena ‘17, Custom Pathway, Materials/Process Engineer at Kimberly-Clark  

Jackie Mayrose

"College is what you make of it, and the Pavlis Honors College is a great way to make the most of it."

- Jackie Mayrose ‘16, Graduate student at Michigan Tech 

David Brown

"Pavlis focuses on personal development, growth, and leadership."

- David Brown, Custom Pathway

Erin Richie

"The Pavlis Honors College put me in situations I never thought I would be in and opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on life. Now I can't stop looking for those other perspectives."

- Erin Richie ‘17, Global Leadership, Graduate student at Michigan Tech 

Tessa Steenwinkel

"I want to do my research, publish a paper, and find people who are just as passionate as me."

- Tessa Steenwinkel, Research Scholars


Kyle Ludwig

"The Michigan Tech I-Corp Site Workshop introduced me to processes which inspire product development around the customer. This, along with the mentorship I received from my Honors advisor, helped me realize the direction for my startup.

- Kyle Ludwig, New Venture, UIF, Owner/Founder of Looma 

Madison Duensing

"I finally feel like I am living my life with a purpose and the wanderlust I experience everyday is because of the memorable experience I have gained through Pavlis. I now know I have the ability to make an impact on the world."

- Madison Duensing ‘17, Global Leadership, Design Engineer at 3M 

Maya Chappell

"I joined the Pavlis Honors College because I wanted to surround myself with determined, hard-working students, have more opportunities, and challenge myself."

- Maya Chappell, Community Engagement, Peace Corps Prep

Why did you join the Pavlis Honors College? Are you a Pavlis alum? Email us at and share your story.