Online Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Certificate

Healthcare data analyst.
An online certificate in artificial intelligence in healthcare will prepare you for the increased use of AI and data used by health care providers, life sciences companies, and insurance payers.

Health Care Revolutionized by Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being increasingly applied within the health care system. Thanks to AI analysis and evaluation, information and communications systems can be designed and implemented to enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.

Health care professionals use AI concepts, methods, and tools in combination with their knowledge of patient care to:

  • assess information needs of health care professionals and patients
  • characterize, evaluate, and refine clinical processes
  • develop, implement, and refine clinical decision support systems
  • lead efforts to procure, customize, develop, implement, manage, evaluate, and optimize clinical information systems such as electronic health records and order-entry systems

Careers in health care AI effectively use the growing amounts of health data to improve health care operations, safety, and delivery. Health care AI workers are employed by hospitals, clinics, private practices, corporations, government units, and insurance companies.

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This online certificate is for qualified professionals who want to enhance their skill set and can be a foundation to continue toward a graduate degree. It is also valuable for degree-seeking students looking to develop a concentration that gives them an edge in their career path.

Advance Your Health Care AI Career

Enhance your health care career by opening new job opportunities with a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in health care. Commit to growing your knowledge and becoming an expert. Employers recognize advanced training—a graduate certificate may qualify you for leadership opportunities, project management responsibilities, or the chance to work on more complicated or sophisticated projects. Stand out by graduating from the #2 public university where grads make six figures (Money Magazine).

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