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The health care industry produces trillions of gigabytes of raw data annually—a figure that increases by 48 percent each year. This flood of data presents opportunities for innovation in AI within the healthcare system. Thanks to AI analysis and evaluation, information and communications systems can be designed and implemented to enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.

You can access innovative careers and work on the front lines of artificial intelligence and medicine with an online certificate in artificial intelligence in healthcare from Michigan Technological University. Our online AI in healthcare courses help you build a strong foundation in computer science, health care, and machine learning to bridge artificial intelligence and medicine in new ways that push both fields further into the future.

Prepare for a Future Graduate Degree with a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Specializing in artificial intelligence's use in healthcare and medicine at Michigan Tech can give you an advantage if you decide to pursue graduate studies sometime soon or later in your career. Earning a certificate can make you a more impressive candidate for graduate programs in healthcare or computer science. Plus, your AI in healthcare courses can also count toward your future graduate degree—saving you time and money down the road.

When you graduate from our artificial intelligence healthcare certificate program, you’ll be poised to excel in a wide variety of careers solving these problems and using AI for healthcare advancements, whether it be for health care providers, life sciences companies, and insurance payers.

Why Earn Your Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare at Michigan Tech?

There are few places as perfect to study AI for health care than one of the top 25 STEM colleges STEM colleges in the country that offers one of the best online degrees in health informatics. Employers and graduate programs across the country recognize our artificial intelligence in healthcare certificate program for its excellence and for the many accomplishments of our alumni.

Benefits of Studying at Michigan Tech:


  • Individualized attention. As a student in the artificial intelligence in healthcare certificate program, you’ll not only benefit from small classes, but also from a unique development plan, which the health informatics director creates with you based on your career goals.
  • Experienced guest lecturers. As you study AI for healthcare, you’ll have many chances to hear exciting lectures from leaders in the healthcare field, including members of our Health Informatics Advisory Board. Learn from their experience and make lasting professional connections.
  • Remarkable career preparation. When you graduate from our artificial intelligence in healthcare certificate program, you’ll join a cohort of graduates who boast a nearly 100% job placement rate. Give yourself the best chances of finding your ideal career with a graduate certificate from Michigan Tech.

Connect to other Security and Privacy Professionals.

All students in this program receive free membership in HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society), a member-based, global society that connects professionals who are aligned in serving and improving the global health community. Read more about HIMSS and the advantages of membership.

Membership in HIMSS

Take Essential Online AI in Healthcare Courses at Michigan Tech.

Earning your graduate certificate in artificial intelligence in healthcare online will introduce you to the technologies and software that will be critical throughout your career. Your online AI in healthcare courses will cover fundamental topics in artificial intelligence and medicine, including data analytics, machine learning, and data modeling.

Every student in the artificial intelligence in healthcare certificate program will take these three 3-credit required classes:

  • EET 4501: Applied Machine Learning
  • SAT 5114: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • SAT 5141: Clinical Decision Support Modeling


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What Can You Do With a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are influencing every major industry—from automobiles to consumer products. There’s no better field to benefit from AI than healthcare. As a professional bridging the worlds of artificial intelligence and medicine, you’ll be making a positive impact on millions of lives every day. From organizing trillions of gigabytes of unstructured data to spotting cancer earlier, artificial intelligence in healthcare promises a radical revolution in the world of medicine.

Careers in healthcare AI effectively use the growing amounts of health data to improve healthcare operations, safety, and delivery. Healthcare AI workers are employed by hospitals, clinics, private practices, corporations, government units, and insurance companies.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of computer and information research scientists is expected to grow by 22 percent through 2030, which is significantly higher than the average for other occupations. Combine this growth with the fact that the BLS predicts that healthcare occupations will add more jobs than any other occupational group and you can see why earning a graduate certificate in AI for healthcare is a solid career decision.

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Popular Careers:

  • Big data engineer/architect
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Research science
  • Artificial intelligence engineer

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