Undergraduate Courses

Michigan Tech does not offer undergraduate degree programs online. However, we do offer online courses that students can take for credit toward their degree completion. 

Current Students

Current Michigan Tech students can take any of our online courses, as long as prerequisite requirements for the course have been met. Online credits can be counted toward your degree, for general education, or even just for fun! 

Online Courses

High School Students: Dual Enrollment

If you’re a student who has demonstrated strong academic performance in high school, dual enrollment might be the perfect opportunity for you. Through our dual enrollment program webpage, you can learn more about program details, eligibility requirements, and how Michigan Tech accepts credit for students planning on applying to Michigan Tech.

Dual Enrollment/PSEO

Degree-Seeking Students

Interested in more than a few online courses? Considering an undergraduate degree? If you are seeking information on Michigan Tech's undergraduate program offerings, or looking to apply to Michigan Tech as a first time degree-seeking student, please head to the Michigan Tech Application Page.