Account Code/Pool Search

Use this search to look up revenue, expense, and transfer account codes.

Campus Bookstore/University Images IB Receipts

Departments can now look up their IB receipts for the Campus Bookstore/University Images online. You can search by receipt number (found on Banner under rc#) or by department account number. Information available includes a description of the items, regular price, discount given, total charge, date, and, if entered, purchaser's name.

Commodity Code Searchable Databasekey icon

Do you have a question about what commodity code to use on your purchase requisition? You can use this searchable database to find what you need.

On-Line Vendor Search Informationkey icon

Can't seem to find that vendor fax number?  Lost an address to a supplier?  This form can be used to search for vendor addresses, phone numbers, and even the vendor code.

Ship-To Address Searchkey icon

Enter your building name or a room number to find the "ship to" address code used on purchase requisitions.

Please note that anything with a key key iconnext to it is accessible from campus.